2017 Speakers

Videos of the 2017 speakers are posted on the schedule page.

Anthem Hayek Blanchard
Transitioning To The Token Economy

A co-founder of cryptocurrency blockchain company AnthemGold Inc. (AnthemGold.com) and co-founder of precious metals dealer Anthem Vault Inc. (brands: AnthemVault.com, AmagiMetals.com), Anthem Hayek Blanchard also serves as both companies’ Chief Executive Officer as well as a member of both Board of Directors.

He was raised by legendary goldbug and precious metals pioneer, James U. Blanchard III, who helped restore Americans’ right to own gold and also founded rare coin and bullion company, Blanchard & Company – once, the world’s largest. As Director of Strategic Development and Marketing with European-based GoldMoney, Anthem helped develop and implement their current business model, overseeing marketing and product development efforts which resulted in an increase of total value held by the company from $1 million in 2002 to $368 million by 2008; today, the company holds over $2 billion in client assets. He also assisted thousands of clients personally over the years, answering their questions regarding buying and selling gold and silver.

From 2010-2014 Anthem served as an independent director and member of the audit committee, compensation committee and nominating committee at Pernix Therapeutics Holdings Inc. (ticker symbol: PTX, traded on NASDAQ), a pharmaceutical company based in The Woodlands, Texas.

Anthem holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Goizueta Business School at Emory University, with concentrations in Professional Accounting and Finance.

Bruce Fenton
7 Ways to Avoid Risk in the Blockchain Space Today

Bruce Fenton is an experienced economic advisor and an active member of the Blockchain industry. He is the founder of Atlantic Financial, the former Executive Director and a current board member of the Bitcoin Foundation, a co-founder of the Bitcoin Association, and the organizer of the first Dubai Bitcoin Conference. He is also the host and founder of the Satoshi Roundtable retreat, an exclusive, invitation-only retreat for leaders in the blockchain industry.

Currently, Bruce is serving as the Managing Director of Atlantic Financial which, in 1994, became the first full-service investment firm on the internet. Prior to Atlantic Financial, he was with Morgan Stanley and specialized in emerging technologies and emerging markets.

Bruce has completed several significant transactions and served as a consultant to large investment funds, along with ultra high net worth individuals, and families. Bruce has served as an advisor to one of the world’s largest charitable organizations for Gulf engagement and a top ten global private equity firm. He travels extensively, and has lived in the US and Asia, as well as Riyadh and Dubai.

Bruce counts amongst his speaking credits numerous Blockchain conferences: the MIT Enterprise Forum, Tony Robbins Wealth Mastery, DevCore, the Global Competitiveness Forum (GCF) Saudi Arabia and other major events. He has also been interviewed by the Wall St. Journal, CNN, CNBC, Investor’s Business Daily and others.

Charles Silver
Crossing the Chasm: Bringing the Crypto Economy Mainstream

Charles Silver is CEO of Algebraix Data and leads the effort to develop the Algebraix Platform. Charles is a career entrepreneur with 30 years of experience of raising capital and building successful enterprises that focus on finance, technology, and media. He was an early visionary in the dot com era as founder and CEO of RealAge.com which was amongst the first companies to use Big Data to connect individuals to relevant advertisers. The company raised capital in the dot com boom, survived the crash by building a profitable business, and was sold very successfully to the Hearst Corporation. He is also a co-founder and board member of Reality Shares, an innovator in the securities industry with 5 publicly traded ETFs.

As an early investor in Algebraix Data, he recognized the significance of Data Algebra to the entire software field and has financed the applied math R&D for 7 years. With the growth of the blockchain industry he is leading the effort to allow individuals to take ownership and monetize their data.

Chris Odom
Stash Crypto

Creator of Open-Transactions, experienced executive, and noted cryptocurrency expert with frequent speaking engagements at Bitcoin conferences. Media recognition in Forbes, WSJ, and EuroMoney.

Daniel Krawisz
How to Think Independently

Daniel Krawisz got his master’s degree in physics in 2010. He bought his first bitcoins in 2011. In 2013 he co-founded the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute. He works as a software engineer for Stash Crypto.

Daniel Winters
ICOs, Crypto Assets and the IRS: Why You Need Triple Entry Accounting

Daniel Winters owns Global Tax Accountants, which provides Blockchain tax & accounting services. Daniel has presented at conferences in New York, Austin, San Francisco, and Saint Louis.

He advises multiple Blockchain startups, including companies launching ICOs. Clients include crypto miners, day traders and blockchain devs. Daniel has written for Coindesk about crypto taxes and created a course for CPAs about Bitcoin tax issues.

Daniel owns Bitcoin himself, and is excited to present at the Texas Bitcoin Conference for the second time.

Darsh Singh
A Discussion with Crypto Fund Managers

Mr. Darsh Singh is a co-founder and the Chief Investment Officer of Hazoor Partners. He is responsible for research, trading, and portfolio management. Previously, he served as Portfolio Manager and Investment Committee Member at Satori Capital, a multi- strategy alternative investment firm based in Texas. At Satori Capital, Mr. Singh’s primary role was to build the Satori Alpha platform, and was responsible for research, diligence, and creating the platform’s investment strategy. From 2009 to 2012, he oversaw the equity, fixed income, and hedge fund investments for a family office in San Antonio, Texas. There, he sourced, evaluated, and selected outside managers, in addition to managing internally traded portfolios. From 2008 to 2009, he served as a civilian and contract worker for the National Security Agency. There, he worked in signals intelligence, developing and testing various tools.

Mr. Singh received an M.S. in Financial Mathematics from John Hopkins University. He received a B.S. in Engineering Science from Trinity University.

David Johnston
The Decentralized Future

David Johnston is the Chairman of the Board at Factom, Inc. the first Blockchain technology company to solve the scalability, cost and speed problems with securing large enterprise data in a tamper proof and secure way. A skilled fund manager in the digital currency space, David played an early role in several billion dollar blockchain applications including Bitcoin and Ethereum, and helped launch important decentralized infrastructure such as the Safe Network and Factom.

In the blockchain space David previously served as the Managing Director of the Decentralized Applications Venture Fund and before that as the Executive Director of BitAngels in 2013, one of the world’s largest angel investment groups. An avid entrepreneur and early adopter of emerging technologies, David has founded several enterprises in industries ranging from biotech to open source software.

David is an internationally sought­ after speaker and has presented at the Money 20/20 Conference, Amsterdam Bitcoin Foundation Conference, Singapore Coin Congress, North American Bitcoin Conference, Tel Aviv Inside Bitcoin Conference,­­ just to name a few. He is also a trusted media source on the topics of decentralization and blockchain technology and was recently interviewed on Bloomberg TV.”

David Johnson is on Twitter, Angel List, LinkedIn, Medium and has a personal website.

Dhruv Bansal
What can you do with your cryptocurrency other than hold it?

Dhruv Bansal is an experienced technology entrepreneur and co-founder of Unchained Capital, a financial services company that provides loans for crypto collateral. Prior to founding Unchained, Dhruv was a co-founder of Infochimps (acquired by CSC in 2013). At Infochimps he led development and sales teams that built products which power big data applications inside dozens of Fortune 500 companies.

Dhruv’s background in math, physics, and network theory led him to become fascinated with Bitcoin soon after its launch. He believes blockchain is the most important communications invention since the telegraph and is excited to build products that accelerate the adoption of decentralized technologies.

Dionna Bailey

Dionna Bailey is an ambassador for Nexus Earth, the world’s first MultiDimensional Chain (MDC). She is a cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast as well as the Public Relations Representative for Colin Cantrell, the creator of Nexus. This 18 year Army Medic Veteran recently retired from the military having served four combat tours, one in which she was awarded a bronze star. She is an expert in government contracts and international relations.

Dylan Senter

Dylan is an accomplished entrepreneur who has founded multiple businesses over the past several years. He is currently a co-founder with Sensytec, a smart materials technology startup that has received over $3M in R&D funding to date. He is also an experienced e-commerce expert, operating his own Amazon storefront (SuperSenter) that generated $500,000 in sales for 2016. His entrepreneurial achievements earned him honors and scholarship from the Texas Business Hall of Fame in 2015. His specialties are in business development, marketing, and growth strategies.

Ed Rush
Speed is Life: Top Gun Strategies for Fast Innovation and Faster Implementation

950 miles an hour. That’s fast. But it’s not nearly as fast as Ed Rush flew in his combat career as a decorated F-18 pilot which included over 50 combat missions and 2 tours to Iraq. While in the Marines, Ed served as the one of the country’s leading instructors on aerial dog fighting and recently worked as a key player in the development of the new F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

After 2 combat tours to Iraq, Ed left full-time active duty to speak, write, and share a message that will change the world. He’s a 5-Time #1 Best Selling Author and Amazon’s #1 Business Author. Ed’s clients range from small startups to multi-million dollar – multi-national organizations and include CEOs, founders, political leaders, sports teams, national universities, Hollywood stars, and one of the contestants on Season #1 of Donald Trump’s The Apprentice.

Ed’s books and expertise have been featured on CBS, FOX, ABC, and NBC. To follow or connect with Ed, head over to: www.EdRush.com.

Elisabeth Grothe-Møller
Design For Success

Elisabeth Grothe-Møller is the co-founder of the humanitarian, social network CommonCollection.com that makes it possible for users to send resources to people in need or fund entrepreneurial projects in third-world countries using Bitcoins.

Before going into bitcoin-space, she worked in the art industry. She worked for three years at the National Gallery of Denmark, hired to increase millennial visitor numbers amongst other things. She creates compelling events, which profoundly influenced her eye for aesthetics and her skills in marketing.

Currently, Elisabeth works at the Bitcoin exchange, WeMoveCoins.com, and as a Fintech Student Assistant at Danske Bank in Copenhagen. With her experience working with Fintech, her passion for digital currencies and the blockchain technology together with her academic degree and natural eye for visual aesthetics she runs the creative consultancy Studiolit.dk.

Elisabeth wants to use her passion for crypto technologies and visual aesthetics to design compelling UI/UX that will help make the technology mainstream. By creating beautiful product designs that empathically connect with the user’s needs, we can shift the users focus on what bitcoin and blockchain are to what this amazing technology can do.

At this conference, Elisabeth will talk about how we can use design to make bitcoin more mainstream. Related to this she will unveil an innovative humanitarian project and show how she integrates design techniques and visual aesthetics.

Eric “Eijah” Anderson
Protecting Privacy & Human Rights in a Blockchain Era

Eric Anderson (Eijah) is the founder of the Promether Platform and has 20+ years of software development and security experience.  He is also the creator of Demonsaw, an encrypted communications platform that allows you to chat, message, and transfer files without fear of data collection or surveillance.  Before that Eijah was a Lead Programmer at Rockstar Games where he created many games, including Grand Theft Auto V.  He has been a faculty member at multiple colleges, has spoken about security and development at DEF CON and other security conferences, and holds a master’s degree in Computer Science.  Eijah is an active member of the hacking community and is an avid proponent of Internet freedom.

Ian Freeman
Free Talk Live

Ian Freeman is the host of nationally syndicated talk radio show “Free Talk Live”, the program director of LRN.FM, The Liberty Radio Network, and the founder of FreeKeene.com. He moved to New Hampshire as part of the ongoing NH Freedom Migration in 2006. He’s also a cryptocurrency evangelist and has been a key player in making his home of Keene, NH into the city with the most bitcoin-accepting-businesses-per-capita on the planet.

Jared Tate

Jared Tate is the founder and creator of the DigiByte blockchain. DigiByte is a public, rapidly growing and highly decentralized 4-year-old blockchain that is currently the longest, fastest and most secure of any major public alternative blockchains. Jared has lived in southern China for the past 3.5 years and has attended many blockchain events throughout China and is well connected in Asia.

Jason Seibert
Crypto-Charity and a Decentralized FEMA.

I focus on securities law, cryptocurrency regulatory compliance, and various contractual disputes. I’ve handled qui tam issues, arbitrations, administrative law matters, state court and federal court issues, and acted as special master to judges regarding securities law and cryptocurrency matters.

The Cherck of Blerk (ICOB) is a blockchain-based charitable organization that is a fully registered 501c3 and recognized religion under the US Internal Revenue Service. The ICOB deploys front-line systemic peer-to-peer charitable giving and disaster emergency response. ICOB deployed emergency medical, command and control, and logistics during hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and provided technical and communications support for hurricane Maria. Token launch pending.

Jason Tyra
Current Issues in Virtual Currency Taxation

Jason M. Tyra is a Certified Public Accountant licensed to practice in the State of Texas and an ACFE Certified Fraud Examiner. He is a graduate of The University of Texas at Dallas Jindal School of Management’s Cohort MBA and Master of Science in Accounting programs (concentrations in Taxation and Assurance Services) and also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of North Texas.

Jason is a former auditor for the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts and has public accounting experience working for a large regional firm in Texas. He is a member of the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. His specific areas of practice include:

  • Federal, state, local tax preparation
  • Assurance & attest services (audits, reviews, compilations)
  • Crowdfunding & private placement work
  • Virtual currency process implementation & tax preparation
  • State tax consulting

Jason has previously contributed to Bitcoin Magazine, Coindesk, and Bitcoin4Biz, where he writes about tax and accounting issues affecting entrepreneurs and individuals who employ virtual currencies as a means of payment and store of wealth.

Jay Postma
Risk Based Transaction Monitoring and Filtering Programs

Jay Postma, as founder and President of MSB Compliance Inc., provides BSA/AML compliance consulting to MSBs, TPPPs and community banks. With extensive experience in financial services, Jay has worked as an intrepreneur within the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and entrepreneur at Towne Services, El Banco de Nuestra Comunidad, Ingo Money and other entities to create value while ensuring effective risk mitigation. Mr. Postma, Co-Chair of the Atlanta ACAMS Chapter and Lifetime Member of the Bitcoin Foundation, has worked for multiple digital currency clients and has previously spoken on bitcoin for the Southwest Border Anti-Money Laundering Alliance, Western Union’s Consumer Protection & Compliance Conference, Texas Bitcoin Conference, Caltech Entrepreneur’s Forum, and American Conference Institute. Mr. Postma has achieved recognition as a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) and as a Certified Financial Crimes Specialist (CFCS). Mr. Postma helped to organize the ACAMS Atlanta Chapter and currently serves as Co-Chair of the group.

Jeff Berwick
The Cryptocurrency Evolution Has Just Begun

Anarcho-Capitalist.  Libertarian.  Freedom fighter against mankind’s two biggest enemies, the State and the Central Banks.  Jeff Berwick is the founder of The Dollar Vigilante and host of the popular video podcast, Anarchast.  Jeff is a prominent speaker at many of the world’s freedom, investment and cryptocurrency conferences including his own, Anarchapulco, as well as regularly in the media including CNBC, Bloomberg and Fox Business.

Joe Kelly
What can you do with your cryptocurrency other than hold it?

Joseph Kelly is a technology entrepreneur and co-founder of Unchained Capital, a financial services company that provides loans for crypto collateral. Prior to founding Unchained, Joe was a co-founder of Infochimps (acquired by CSC in 2013). At Infochimps he was responsible for operations, among other roles, and led the company through its pivot from a data marketplace to an enterprise software platform which powered big data applications inside dozens of Fortune 500 companies.

Joe’s interest in technology and finance helped to stoke his passion for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. He enjoys reading, writing, and flying his plane.

Joël Valenzuela
The Digital Cash Revolution No One Is Talking About

Joël Valenzuela is a Dash Force partner and editor of Dash Force News. He is a veteran writer and journalist in the cryptocurrency space, and previously had a long professional history in public policy, having worked for organizations such as the Cato Institute and the White House under George W. Bush. He also manages civic action organization the Rights Brigade and runs a taekwondo club.

José Rodriguez

Jose has over 10 years of experience working at Mexican and US Financial Institutions on their Back, Middle and Front Offices. He has participated in Investigations and Intelligence Services collaborating with Authorities discovering and documenting frauds, corporate corruption and misappropriation of funds in some of the largest cases in Mexican Financial Institutions.

Organized the first meeting with the Mexican Central Bank to talk about Bitcoin and Blockchain. Has participated and help organize most Bitcoin and Blockchain meetups, workshops and hackathons in Mexico. Was part of the Organizing Committee of the Latinamerican Bitcoin Conference in Mexico, laBITconf.

Julian Smith
Blockfreight, Inc.

Julian Smith is President and CEO of Blockfreight, Inc. an early stage venture backed startup building on the Bitcoin/Counterparty protocol and Tendermint platform to support and move 360,000,000 containers on network by 2020. Julian is a founding member of the Melbourne Bitcoin Technology Center and has been a systems engineer and web applications developer for 10+ years before moving to Bitcoin full-time in 2015.

Julie Smith
Medici Ventures

Julie joined Medici Ventures as Director of Research in 2017. Prior to joining Medici, Julie worked in Morgan Stanley’s Sales & Trading division where she worked with some of the firm’s largest pension, hedge fund, and mutual fund clients across equity-based products.

Julie is a graduate of Stanford University with a BA in Philosophy.

Karl Kreder
Grid+: The Future of Electricity Markets

Karl is the Director of Energy at ConsenSys and is a Cofounder of Grid+. Before joining full time, Karl served as a subject matter expert advisor for the Energy group at ConsenSys. Prior to ConsenSys, Karl graduated from The University of Texas at Austin, where he received his PhD in Materials Science researching advanced battery technologies. Prior to attaining his PhD, Karl worked at Southwest Research Institute where he started the Energy Storage System Evaluation and Safety (EssEs) consortium which performed testing, characterization, and research on large format lithium ion batteries for >10 kWh energy storage. The EssEs consortium had 12 industry members from 3 continents with a budget of more than $3 million.

Kevin McKernan
Medicinal Genomics

Kevin is the founder and CEO of Medicinal Genomics Corporation. Medicinal Genomics made worldwide news in 2011 when it publicly released the first genome sequence for Cannabis sativa L. As a result of this work, Medicinal Genomics (MGC) launched a suite of qPCR tools for the detection of microbial contamination on Cannabis. Prior to Medicinal Genomics, Kevin was the team leader of R&D for the human genome project at Whitehead Institute/MIT Center for Genome Research. This work led to the foundation of Agencourt Bioscience corporation which was acquired by Beckman Coulter and Agencourt Personal Genomics that was acquired by Applied Biosystems for development of the SOLiD Sequencer.

Kyle Samani
A Discussion With Some Crypto Fund Managers

Kyle is a serial technology entrepreneur from Austin, TX. Prior to founding Multicoin, Kyle founded Pristine, which built software for Google Glass for use by surgeons. He served as CEO and under his leadership Pristine grew to millions in revenue and raised over $5M in venture capital. Pristine was acquired in 2017.

Prior to Pristine, Kyle worked for VersaSuite, a healthcare IT company that builds electronic medical records for hospitals. He assumed a number of roles at VersaSuite across engineering, product management, and sales.

Kyle holds degrees in Finance and Management from NYU Stern. He has been programming and building computers since he was 10 and is an avid writer across a number of Internet publications. He’s been featured on TechCrunch and Forbes. He has been investing in the cryptoasset space since 2013.

Leon Fu
3 Key Crypto Buckets (Sectors) In Desperate Need Of A Blockchain Solution & Set To Skyrocket!

Leon Fu Dot Com™ is the CTO & Senior Fundamental Analyst at www.Cryptocurrency.Market and Co-Creator Of The TaiFu™ 30 Cryptocurrency Market Index and the Cryptocurrency Investing Blueprint™.  Leon Fu Dot Com™ and his team were early crypto investors and is now retired and spends his free time traveling, building trading and portfolio management tools, and educating individuals and hedge funds learn how to invest in cryptocurrencies in addition to serving as private advisors on ICO projects he invests in.

Marco Peereboom

Marco serves as the CTO of Company Zero, LLC and is in charge of defining the general direction of all things technical. He never lost his appetite for hacking and continues to contribute code to the various Company Zero projects. In his spare time he enjoys hacking on his pet projects around a busy social schedule.

Marco is also an avid open source developer and has worked on many projects such as OpenBSD, Bitrig, xombrero, spectrwm etc. He is practically minded and scratches whatever itch he has. Currently he is working on a user-transparent cryptographic communications suite. His motto is: well, someone has got to reinvent the Internet!

Mark Edge
Free Talk Live

Free Talk Live, Mark’s nationally syndicated radio program introduced Roger Ver to Bitcoin, making Mark Bitcoin’s John the Baptist. FTL is credited by many early adopters as giving Bitcoin the early boost that it needed to break through into the world-changing tech that it is today. Mark loves crypto and reports on major stories often.

Matthew McKibbin

Matt is cofounder and Chief Decentralization Officer at D10E, the world’s leading conference on decentralized technologies, philosophies and social organization. He serves as an advisor to Network Society Labs, Humaniq, Securrency, and Social Evolution and has been involved in several early-stage blockchain startups, including Ubiquity, Trive.news, and Propy.

Melanie Swan
Blockchain Economics: Payment Channels, ICOs, and Contract for Difference Economy

Melanie Swan is a Blockchain Theorist and Distributed Ledger expert, in Philosophy and Economic Theory, at Purdue University. She is the author of the best-selling book Blockchain: Blueprint for a New Economy. Her education includes an MBA in Finance from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, an MA in Philosophy from the New School, and a BA in French and Economics from Georgetown University. She is a faculty member at Singularity University. Previously Melanie was a Registered Investment Advisor, hedge fund manager, and professional options trader at Cygnet Capital, a Securities Analyst at Fidelity in Boston, and a Mergers and Acquisitions Investment Banking Associate at JP Morgan in New York.

Michael Tozoni (Rassah)
The Future of Blockchains

Michael Tozoni (Rassah) has a master’s in global finance and economics from Smith School of Business and over a decade of experience in banking, finance, economic research, entrepreneurship, and global investments. Prior to that, he had a wide experience in technology, having worked as IT manager for McDonald’s Corporation, and in other fields such as software development, biotech, MAGLEV transportation, robotics research, etc. Since 2002, Michael has been investing and doing economic analysis in a variety of digital game currencies, and has been involved in Bitcoin since early 2011, including in mining, investing, venture funding, and as a Bitcoin business consultant for various startups around the world.

Michael is considered one of the most trusted members of the Bitcoin community, having been a treasurer and head of the first bitcoin charity, Bitcoin100 from 2011 until 2016, a treasurer holding hundreds of bitcoins for the Bitcointalk.org forum and /r/Bitcoin subreddit, and as a Brand Manager and Community Manager for Mycelium, one of the top Bitcoin wallet companies, from 2014 until May of 2017.

Pablo Gonzalez

Pablo holds a Bachelor of Media Arts from Emily Carr University. He started his first company over 8 years ago. His second company continues to operate and generates over 10M USD in revenue per annum.

Pablo has over 10 years of design, marketing, and product development expertise. He is also one of the founders of the Mexican Fintech Association.

Paul Puey
Bitcoin Hard Fork Security and Pitfalls

Paul is CEO and Co-Founder of Airbitz, a mobile wallet and single-sign-on security platform for Blockchain technology and decentralized applications. Airbitz has won accolades including being one of the top 3 mobile apps for Bitcoin in the 2014 Blockchain Awards, being voted in the Top 50 FinTech Companies to Watch by AlwaysOn Inc, and receiving first place in the Inside Bitcoins 2015 and Coin Agenda 2016 pitch competitions. Paul held lead engineering positions with Nvidia and Chromatic Research and holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Berkeley.

Robert Long
Regulation of ICOs and Token Sales: Views From a Former SEC, FINRA, and DOJ Attorney

Robert Long previously served as a senior attorney at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), as well as a federal prosecutor with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). As a result, Rob is uniquely qualified to defend regulatory and white collar investigations and prosecutions; advise corporations, hedge funds, broker-dealers, investment advisers, and other market participants on compliance and regulatory matters; and conduct internal investigations.

SEC Attorney Experience

Rob spent over ten years at the SEC in various capacities—Trial Attorney, Branch Chief, Senior Counsel, and Staff Attorney. In the SEC’s Division of Enforcement, Rob spearheaded enforcement litigation in federal courts and administrative proceedings, and directed/conducted complex investigations that resulted in significant enforcement actions, including halting a $160 million Ponzi scheme, charging a Fortune 500 company with FCPA violations, charging a Fortune 1000 company with accounting fraud, and prosecuting multiple insider trading cases and sophisticated market manipulation schemes. Rob also served in the SEC’s Division of Market Regulation (now the Division of Trading and Markets) where he reviewed market rules and analyzed market structure issues. While at the SEC, Rob served in the SEC’s Fort Worth and Washington, DC offices.

FINRA Attorney Experience

As a Senior Regional Counsel in FINRA’s Department of Enforcement in Dallas, Rob investigated violations of FINRA, SEC, and Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB) rules, and the federal securities laws. Rob successfully led enforcement cases involving high-frequency trading, complex products, inadequate anti-money laundering (AML) compliance programs, due diligence violations, supervision failures, misrepresentations in oil and gas offering materials, unsuitable recommendations, net capital violations, and broker misconduct.

DOJ Attorney Experience

Rob is also a former federal prosecutor. As an Assistant U.S. Attorney (AUSA) for the District of Arizona, and as a Special AUSA for the Northern District of Texas, Rob worked closely with various law enforcement agencies, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Internal Revenue Service (IRS), U.S. Secret Service, and Postal Inspection Service, to prosecute high-profile white collar and public integrity cases. His cases included a 12 defendant mortgage and loan fraud scheme, a “politically sensitive” case of “extreme importance,” and an oil and gas offering fraud scheme that was included in The President’s Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force. As a former federal prosecutor, Rob is versed in overt and covert investigative tactics.

Defense Attorney, Compliance Counsel, and Investigation Attorney

Rob has a national practice focused on:

  • Defending matters involving the SEC, FINRA, DOJ, FBI, Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), National Futures Association (NFA), Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB), Financial Crime Enforcement Network (FinCEN), and state regulatory agencies, such as the Texas State Securities Board (TSSB).
  • Advising companies, broker-dealers, investment advisers, investment companies, and other market participants on compliance issues.
  • Conducting internal investigations for companies and coordinating referrals to law enforcement agencies.
  • Representing whistleblowers in connection with SEC matters.
  • Advising companies on responding to cyber security breaches.
  • Advising clients on cryptocurrency matters.


  • J.D., Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law, 1998
  • B.S., Arizona State University, 1995
Robin Bloor
CryptoCurrency Resilience and Security for Worldwide Operation in Adversarial Environments

Prior to joining Algebraix Data, Robin Bloor was a leading advocate for data algebra. He is now Senior VP of Strategy and Communications  and part of the team that is working on Algebraix Data’s blockchain project. He has more than 30 years of experience in the world of big data and information management, and is an influential and respected researcher and commentator on many corporate IT issues and strategies. Robin is the founder of Bloor Research, an IT analyst company based in the UK and cofounder of the US analyst company, The Bloor Group.

He is the author of several books on a variety of topics, including e-commerce, service management and cloud computing. His most recent book is The Algebra of Data: A Foundation for the Data Economy (2015), which he co-authored with Gary J. Sherman, PhD, the mathematician who invented the algebra of data. As an analyst for The Bloor Group and Bloor Research, Robin has written scores of white papers, research reports and columns. In 2003, he was awarded an honorary PhD in computer science by the UK’s Wolverhampton University, in recognition of his “Services to the IT Industry.”

Rolf Versluis

Rolf Versluis is co-founder and technical operations manager of the privacy oriented cryptocurrency ZenCash. Rolf is an experienced data network security professional with over a decade of experience designing, installing, and troubleshooting systems as the CTO of the company he founded in the IT industry.

In the cryptocurrency industry, in addition to his work at ZenCash, Rolf operates a private Bitcoin and Altcoin mining facility with 200 operational systems, and hosts the Block Operations blog and YouTube channel providing instruction and assistance to cryptocurrency miners worldwide.

For both ZenCash and mining, Rolf uses his electrical, nuclear, and data network engineering background as well as his management and leadership experience from running his 60 person company and as a US Navy submarine officer operating out of Hawaii for four years.

Sheldon Weisfeld
Mass Market Adoption

Chief Executive Officer of CoinVault ATM, Sheldon is a seasoned entrepreneur and business development guru. Sheldon constantly seeks the opportunity to solve industry problems with novel solutions. Sheldon is well-versed in creating long term value within organizations and seizing market opportunities.

CoinVault ATM was the first fully registered digital currency ATM operator in North America having launched the first CoinVault ATM in Austin Texas during the first Texas Bitcoin Conference in 2014.

Sterlin Lujan
Bitcoin, Anarchism, and the Cypherpunk Movement

Sterlin Lujan is the Communications Ambassador for Bitcoin.com. He conducts the conference circuit for the company and presents on behalf of bitcoin.com. He also runs the activism page with 50k + followers called Psychologic-Anarchist, where he educates people on nonviolence, compassionate voluntaryism, and peaceful communication. He writers regularly for bitcoin.com and actively talks about emerging news in the cryptocurrency space. He also runs a cryptocurrency consultation business called “The Cryptocurrency Confidant.” He is married, but does not have any children. He has a bachelors degree in psychology from Texas A&M University.

Steven Schear

Veteran financial cryptography expert and creator of the Warrant Canary and Street Performer protocol. Co-developer of eCache, an early untraceable digital cash system. Director at MojoNation and Wi-Fi spec creation participant. Founding member of IFCA and GNU Radio.

Steven Sprague
Decentralized Security

Steven Sprague is the CEO of Rivetz Corp. and one of the principal industry evangelists for the application of trusted computing technology. Steven has a strong technical foundation in the principles, capabilities and business models of incorporating trusted hardware into everyday computing, and is skilled at translating these concepts into layman’s terms.

Steven is the co-founder of Rivetz Corp. a company focused on the use of trusted computing and Trusted Execution TEE to enhance the quality and security of the relationship with the user and their device. Rivetz provides app developers services and tools to enable simple integration of embedded cyber security capabilities of modern devices. Rivetz is playing an important role in providing the key technologies for the protection of private keys, encryption and secure instructions for blockchain, identity, messages, IoT and cryptocurrencies.

Steven graduated from Cornell University with a BS in mechanical engineering.

Steven Wilkinson, CISSP, CB
Algebraix Data

Steven Wilkinson is a certified cryptocurrency, blockchain and information security professional.  He brings more than 10 years of experience in technology leadership, IT and security consulting to Algebraix Data, Inc., where he is the Director of Security.

While researching a solution for secure value transfer across the Internet, Steven discovered Bitcoin in early 2011 and began building multiple mining operations around it.  Since then, he has been working and advising on a variety of blockchain projects and startups in this emerging ecosystem, including multiple token crowd sales.  In 2013, Steven founded the Bitcoin consulting firm, Austin Bitcoin, which is one of the first BitPay merchant integration partners.  He is also one of the co-founders and Vice President of the Texas Bitcoin Association which produces the Texas Bitcoin Conference.

Steven holds a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification from (ISC)² and a Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP) certification from (C4).

Tai Zen
3 Key Crypto Buckets (Sectors) In Desperate Need Of A Blockchain Solution & Set To Skyrocket!

Tai Zen Bio – Tai Zen is the CEO & Senior Technical Analyst at www.Cryptocurrency.Market and Co-Creator Of The TaiFu™ 30 Cryptocurrency Market Index and the Cryptocurrency Investing Blueprint™.  Tai and his team were early crypto investors and is now retired and spends his free time traveling, building trading and portfolio management tools, and educating individuals and hedge funds learn how to invest in cryptocurrencies in addition to serving as private advisors on ICO projects he invests in.

Tamia Simons
Taxes: Record-keeping, How to File, Etc.

Tamia Simons is an associate with Phillips Anker, PC, a CPA firm in North Austin. She has over 15 years experience in accounting and tax compliance services. Because of her passion with solving IT problems, she immediately became excited with Blockchain and its potential to become a universal virtual currency.

As a parent of a highly intellectual 12-year-old, staying abreast of technology and gaming is part of Tamia’s daily life. Her research in the world of digital currency is ever-evolving. She continues to stay informed on Congressional legislation and Internal Revenue Service treatment of digital currency.

Tamia graduated from Northwest Christian University with a BS in Accounting and is currently completing the requirements for her CPA credential.

Tawanda Kembo
Government & Money - Case study of the ongoing crisis in Zimbabwe and Bitcoin

Tawanda Kembo has been geeking out about bitcoin since 2012 and has been deeply involved in bitcoin and the blockchain technology since 2013. Tawanda is 4th generation entrepreneur who co-founded BitFinance, the company running Zimbabwe’s bitcoin exchange. Tawanda has launched, contributed to and consulted for several blockchain-related projects in Africa so he understands the bitcoin landscape in Africa very well. Tawanda has spoken at several blockchain conferences worldwide, is a widely published author of bitcoin-related articles and blog posts. Previously, Tawanda started his career as a software engineer having writing his first software program in 1999 (when he was 13 years old).

Tiana Laurence

Tiana Laurence is an author, investor, and startup founder. She wrote the book Blockchain for Dummies, a #1 Bestseller on Amazon, and has a column on TechTarget where she writes about blockchain and IoT. Tiana helped create Factom Inc., a software company that builds innovative technology within the blockchain space. Her passion is growing great companies, and she loves helping young aspiring entrepreneurs learn about business and technology. She has a BA in Business and Leadership from Portland State University.

Trevor Koverko
The coming stampede of Security Token ICO's

Silicon Valley Entrepreneur – 2 Exits.
2013 : eProf – Peter Schiff TechCrunch BNN.
2015 : Polymath Labs (world’s first VR exit) – Demo.
Academic All-Canadian from Canada’s top business school (Ivey Business School).
Austrian Economist.
Mündliche Prüfung scholar.
Founded DAI, world leading private equity firm focused on acquiring ultra profitable websites.
Former NHL hockey player (New York Rangers).

Tushar Jain
A Discussion With Some Crypto Fund Managers

Tushar is a serial technology entrepreneur from NYC. Prior to founding Multicoin, Tushar founded ePatientFinder, a healthcare IT company that uses data science to identify patients who are eligible for clinical trials. Tushar cofounded and served as the COO of ePatientFinder, leading the development of the technology platform, the data science processes, and managing the day to day operations of the company. Under Tushar’s leadership, ePatientFinder raised $11M in venture capital and grew to cover 2 million patients.

Prior to ePatientFinder, Tushar worked for major financial institutions. He held roles in underwriting at FGI Finance (an investor in asset-backed debt) and investment banking at Credit Suisse.

Tushar holds a degree in Finance from NYU Stern. Tushar has been investing in the cryptoasset space since 2013.

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