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Day 1: Saturday, October 27th

Main Stage Decred Factom Workshop
9:30 AM Bruce Fenton
Marco Peereboom
What’s Next in Governance
Paul Snow
Digital Identity
10:30 AM Paul Snow
Stable Coins
Business Panel
Business and the Future of Blockchain
Ben Jeater
BuildingIM: How we use the Factom blockchain in construction
Denys Zayets
Decred 101
11:30 AM Governance Panel Chris Dannen
The Future of Business and How it Relates to Open Source
Hardy Helburn
Patient Tracking and Record Storage in the Developing World
Nicole Jolie
Smart Woman’s Guide to Blockchain
12:30 PM Tokens as Compensation Panel Leo Zhang
The Great Industrialization of Cryptocurreny Mining
Maarteen Boender
Use cases for Factom in production: Business Processes and Records Management
Scott Christian
DCR Wallet
1:30 PM Jared Tate
Blockchain 2035: The Digital DNA of Internet 3.0
Privacy Panel
The Privacy Isues and Blockchain
Dr. Luis Crespo
Using Blockchain as a Digital Chain of Custody
Juggling Workshop
2:30 PM Steven Sprague
The Next Billion Users on Blockchain
Jon Chappelow
DCR Time
Niels Klomp
3:00 PM Karl Kreder
Challenges of Real Crypto-currency Applications
David Vorick
Sia & Storage
Clare Nelson
Are Privacy Coins Private Enough?
3:30 PM John M. Griffin/Amin Shams
Relationship Between Bitcoin and Tether
Joshua Buirski
Decred: Why ICO’s & Other Projects Can’t Duplicate
Dhruv Bansal
Can You Get Value From Crypto-currency Without Giving Up Control
Clare Nelson
Security Workshop
4:00 PM Kevin McKernan
Medicinal Genomics: Accelerating Science with Crypto
Denys Zayets
Ticketing & Stake Pools
Parker McCurley
Tales From the Crypto
4:30 PM Joshua Baer
Texas Bitcoin Manifesto
Joel Monegro/Chris Burniski
Fireside Chat: Why Decred
Paul Puey
Decentralization is NOT a Goal

Day 2: Sunday, October 28th

Main Stage Decred Factom Workshop
9:30 AM Todd Rowan/Bradley Zastrow
Crypto-currency and Adoption in Today’s World
Joshua Buirski
The Decred Economy
Andrew Yaschuk
Overview of Factom’s Work with DHS
Asger Folmann
Cryptocurrency vs Blue Chip Stock
10:30 AM Ann-Marie Hopkins
A better way to Bitcoin
Scott Christian
The Decred DEX
Zachary Lynde
Smart Contracts
Ask A Decred Dev
11:30 AM Jack Lu
Bridging Blockchains and Empowering the New Digital Economy
Crypto Economics Panel
The Economics of Blockchain & Crypto
Carl DiClementi/Darrell Malone
Introduction to Harmony Connect
12:30 PM Rolf Versluis
Horizen: The Privacy Platform for Everyday Use
Mining Panel
The Future of Mining
Non-Fungible Tokens Omar Hamwi
Instant Send Retail Payments
1:30 PM Ben Swann
Decentralizing the Media
Wallet Fireside
The Future of Wallets
Latin American Panel Juggling Workshop
2:30 PM Amy James
Open Index Protocol
Legal Fireside
The Legal Aspects of Crypto & Blockchain
Tawanda Kembo
Government and Money
3:30 PM Carol Van Cleef
Navigating Legal and Regulatory Challenges for Cryptos in 2019
Luke Powell
Politeia Architecture
Miguel Fernandes
Portugal: A Blockchain Heaven
Clarissa Peereboom
Women in Blockchain Networking
4:30 PM Jeff Berwick
The State Of The Crypto Union
Dan McDougal
What Business’s Need to Build on Blockchain
Lyn Ulbricht


Governance Panel Tokens as Compensation Panel Business Panel Wallet Fireside Chat Legal Fireside Chat Mining Panel
Marco Peereboom
Chris Burniski
Jared Tate
Jagruti Solanki
Wendy Moore
Nancy Wojtas
Brandon Buchanan
Miguel Fernandes
Mark Thorsen
Mod: Rachel Wolfson
Paul Puey
Daniel Arulrag
Mod: Racel Wolfson
Robert Long
Brandon Buchanan
Mod: Rachel Wolfson
Devin Blitzer
Leo Zhang
David Vorick
Mod: Amy Castor
Latin American Panel Crypto Economics Panel Privacy Panel NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) Panel The Future of Wallets Panel Ask a Decred Dev
Jose Rodriguez
Ernesto Contreras
Rocelo Lopez
Eugenia Alcala
Mod: Amy Castor
Chris Burniski
Chris Dannen
Leon Fu
Mod: Amy Castor
Paul Puey
Sriram Vishwanath
Leon Fu
Mod: Amy Castor
Kyle Wood
Andy Beal
Sebasian Brocher
Phil Chen
Paul Puey
Daniel Arulraj
Marco Peereboom

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