2017 Schedule

Saturday, October 28th
Time Slot Room A Room B Workshop
(Room C)
9:00 AM Dionna Bailey Nexus Bruce Fenton 7 Ways to Avoid Risk in the Blockchain Space Today
10:00 AM Julie Smith Medici Ventures Dhruv Bansal / Joe Kelly What can you do with your cryptocurrency other than hold it? Security Workshop
11:00 AM Karl Kreder Grid+: The Future of Electricity Markets David Johnston The Decentralized Future Juggling Workshop
11:30 AM Jason Tyra Current Issues in Virtual Currency Taxation Joel Valenzuela The Digital Cash Revolution No One Is Talking About
12:00 PM Trevor Korverko The coming stampede of Security Token ICO’s Bitcoin Drama Panel
1:00 PM Ed Rush Speed is Life: Top Gun Strategies for Fast Innovation and Faster Implementation Jeff Berwick The Dollar Vigilante
2:00 PM Chris Odom StashCrypto Paul Snow Wallet Workshop
3:00 PM Media Panel Marco Peereboom Decred Crypto Taxation
4:00 PM Dylan Senter Spectiv LLC Jay Postma Risk Based Transaction Monitoring and Filtering Programs 501c3 Workshop
4:30 PM Matthew McKibbin DecentraNet Jose Rodriguez Bitso Stash Workshop
Sunday, October 29th
LUNCH: Food trucks will be here from 11:30AM-1:30PM
Time Slot Room A Room B Workshop
Room C
9:00 AM Eric “Eijah” Anderson Protecting Privacy & Human Rights in a Blockchain Era Melanie Swan Blockchain Economics: Payment Channels, ICOs, and Contract for Difference Economy
10:00 AM Steven Sprague Decentralized Security Regulation Panel Design for Success
11:00 AM Anthem Blanchard Anthem Gold Rolf Versluis ZenCash Stream Token
11:30 AM Charles Silver Bringing the Crypto Economy Mainstream Tawanda Kembo Government & Money (Case study: ongoing crisis in Zimbabwe and Bitcoin) Juggling Workshop
12:00 PM Blockchain Technology Panel Robert Long Regulation of ICOs and Token Sales: Views From a Former SEC, FINRA, and DOJ Attorney
1:00 PM Paul Puey Bitcoin Hard Fork Security and Pitfalls Investment Panel Stash Wallet Reveal
2:00 PM Daniel Krawisz How to Think Independently Daniel Winters ICOs, Crypto Assets and the IRS: Why You Need Triple Entry Accounting
Wallet Workshop
2:30 PM Sterlin Lujan Bitcoin and the Human Desire for Freedom
3:00 PM Kevin McKernan Medicinal Genomics Jared Tate China Crypto Taxation
3:30 PM Tai Zen 3 Key Crypto Buckets (Sectors) In Desperate Need Of A Blockchain Solution & Set To Skyrocket! Julian Smith Block Freight
Speaking Panels
Blockchain Technology & Application Bitcoin Drama Investment Opportunities & Risk Crypto Currency & Regulation Media
Marco Peereboom
Paul Snow
Trace Mayer
Elisabeth – Grothe-Møller
Daniel Krawisz
Dylan Senter
Robin Bloor
David Johnston
Daniel Krawisz
Trace Mayer
Michael Tozoni (Rassah)
Bruce Fenton
Kyle Samani
Jose Rodriguez
David Johnston
Trevor Koverko
Dhruv Bansal
Leon Fu
Darsh Singh
Tushar Jain
Daniel Winters
Jason Seibert (501c3)
Jason Tyra
Robert Long
Jay Postma
Sheldon Weisfeld
Mark Edge
Ian Freeman
Ernie Hancock
Danny Sessom
Jamie Redman
Joel Valenzuela
Design for Success Crypto Taxation Juggling Security 501c3 Wallet Steam Token
Elisabeth – Grothe-Møller Tamia Simons Jim Maxwell
David Nayer
Jonathan Jolly
Scott Kurland
Skylar Turner
Steve Wiswell
Christa Waters
Steven Wilkinson
Eric “Eijah” Anderson
Jason Seibert Cliff Baltzley
Paul Puey
Simar Mangat

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