Nicholas Courtois

Nicolas T. Courtois is a cryptologist and a Senior Lecturer at University College. He has received his PhD from the Paris 6 University. Then he worked as a cryptographic engineer for the French smart card firm Gemalto. He has 8 patents on applied cryptography and smart cards.

He is a highly influential code-breaker with more than 100 regular publications and more than 5800 citations. His H-index is 32. He is responsible for the cryptanalysis of many real-life cryptographic systems used by hundreds of hundreds of millions of people every day, such as the Bluetooth cipher E0, the automobile cipher KeeLoq and the MiFare Classic Crypto-1 system which is widely used in public transportation and building access control.

Recipient of the UK University Cipher Champion 2013 award.

At UCL he teaches about the following topics: Computer Security, Applied Cryptography, Cryptanalysis. He is a bitcoin activist and runs a regular bitcoin research seminar every week in central London. He has authored several research papers on bitcoin.