Michael Perklin

Michael is a well-respected Bitcoin expert who has launched the first Bitcoin consulting firm in Canada. Michael enjoys delivering high-level “What is Bitcoin?” presentations tailored to specific audiences as well as low-level Bitcoin technical assistance for developers and technical experts. From pure geekspeak to plain English, Michael brings clarity and confidence to the emerging world of Bitcoin.

Michael is a certified information security professional with over a decade of experience in the computing and security industries. An accomplished cyber-crime investigator and public speaker, Michael has been invited to speak at leading computer security conferences both locally and internationally.

Michael’s career began in the banking industry as a computer programmer. His interest in security drove him into more specialized roles in cryptography, cyber security, digital forensics, electronic discovery, and cyber-crime investigations.

Michael holds degrees in information assurance and security theory, as well as certifications in the fields of digital forensics and information security. Michael has taught classes in digital forensics, information systems security auditing, and computer security.

Michael’s interest in security lead to an active role in the emerging Bitcoin community. Michael has contributed new features and code changes to one of the leading alternative Bitcoin clients and has been a vocal proponent of new security features that will enhance the security of this online decentralized cryptocurrency. Michael has been invited to speak about cyber-crime issues surrounding Bitcoin to various legal, regulatory, and law enforcement audiences, has been appointed to the Board of Directors for the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada, and will be assisting in the Bitcoin Incubator program at Bitcoin Decentral in Toronto, Canada.

Michael continues to conduct independent research in the security field and enjoys thinking of new ways to break things.