Hackathon Criteria

Hackathon Criteria & Distribution of Crypto Currency to Winning Projects

Rewards for projects vary based on various sponsor’s interests. After all, many would like you to use their platform, api, technology, etc.

The ONLY universal rule for projects in this hackathon is that they utilize a blockchain/consensus technology like Bitcoin, your own invention, Omni, Counterparty, Factom, Ripple, etc. You do NOT have to to follow the DApps Fund or Factom’s provisions to win the hackathon. The winner of the Hackathon is judged separately by individuals. The winner could easily be a project that isn’t a DApps Fund or Factom based project.

DApps Fund sponsors prizes at Hackathons with the following provisions:

  1. The project must fit the criteria of a Decentralized Application (Open Source, Token for Monetization, Decentralized, Consensus Mechanism) and have a project plan written in a white paper available to the public.
  2. The project must hold a token sale which Dapps Fund can participate in, with the amount of the reward for winning the hackathon contributed to the token sale.
  3. Only crypto currency will be contributed to the token sale, and the final determination to participate will be at the discretion of the Dapps Fund.

Factom prizes require your project to create an application that uses Factom to solve a significant problem.

  1. Factom.org for more information about Factom, links to the documentation, github repositories, etc.
  2. We will reward the winning Factom project with 50K factoids.
  3. Note: Factoids will become useable and tradable only after Factom goes live at the end of the Factom crowd sale.

Rivetz prize

  • $10,000 in Rivetz services, and will be rewarded to the winner of the hackathon. No special provisions are required.

Please note that other sponsors may provide other prizes, with different criteria. Those sponsors are responsible for detailing their criteria prior to the event.

Hackathon Sponsor